Gallery Nature contains photos of both animals and plants. Hope you like what you see in this gallery.

Copyright: Preben Schmidt

All rights reserved


In this gallery you will find photos of buildings of different appearance and size. Among other things, photos from the House of Music in Aalborg, which I think is a fantastic architectural edifice.

Vehicles of all kinds appeals to me as photo objects. Therefore, you will in this gallery to find photos of both trains, ships, cars and airplanes. Some of the pictures are taken as HDR photos. I think HDR technique is fun to experiment with. Some photos may have been too extreme, but judge for yourself.


Landscapes is in my opinion a very exciting photo object. I have tried to recreate the feeling I had on the actual landscapes at the moment the photo was taken. Some photos are also taken as HDR. A technique I think add atmosphere in a landscape photo.

Gallery for Still life photos. This discipline is quite new to me, so there is not yet so many photos. However, there will soon be more, so check back periodically.